About us

We are a team of highly professional experienced business and technology people.

We are proud to implement inteligent solutions which mix perfectly our business experience with analytical skills and the art of software programming we gained in over 20 years of experience working at or with top companies in their field.

Since 2003 we are trusted and appreciated by our clients, like EOS-KSI, Cosmote, Romtelecom, Orange, ING Bank and other top companies in their field.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make credit more affordable and more available to the European people.

Our Vision

To reach our mission we work with major players in credit and financial areas with the aim of lowering their risk exposure or increasing their revenue and acquisition rates. We implement inteligent solutions which accurately identify the customers with high risk potential and the customers with high revenue potential, in areas as customer acquisition, collections, retention and apply the right actions and resources to maximize the revenue while keeping the risk under control.

Our Values

We value proffesionalism, smart work, keeping commitments, flexibility, open minds, long-lasting partnerships and fine humor.


We are looking forward to work with you to reach your goals and our mission.