A scorecard is a tool that predicts a future outcome of a customer based on information available at the scoring time about the customer. The scorecards have a very wide range of applications: predicting risk (credit scoring) or revenue are the most common applications. The scorecards can also be used to predict the product that a customer will buy, if offered.

There are two major types of scorecards:

  • Generic scorecards (based on data generally observed in a country)
  • Custom scorecards (developed specifically on company’s data, only for the respective company)

Obviously, the custom scorecards are far more accurate. We develop custom scorecards using a proprietary mathematical and statistical method. Although the scorecards are fully data driven, we incorporate into the scorecards development process our experience and best practices in order to get a very robust, business-sense, lasting scorecard. We have more than 15 years of experience in credit scoring projects and scorecards development and are trusted by all our major clients.