KPI Monitoring

The software collects periodically (daily, weekly or monthly) data from different systems in order to compute and estimate the value of Key Performance Indicators of a company or department.

The software also collects data by its own user interface if necessary (e.g. quality work evaluation made by a person).

Besides computing, predicting and showing the present and future KPIs, the software automatically computes employees’ monthly evaluations.


It is used by operations managers and team leaders to keep an eye on their department targets and to automatically evaluate the employees.

Main results:

  • timely identification of deviation from target, which leads to timely proactive actions
  • shortens significantly employees evaluation time by automation, which gives managers more time for strategic thinking
  • standardized automated evaluations means no human errors in computing employee’s evaluation indicators
  • data history makes audit simpler (no need to search for Excel files on maanger’s computer anymore)